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Here are some previous creative and academic works of various kinds by Shay for your viewing curiosity. They may well give you some insight into what Shay seems to spend his time thinking about.

Under no circumstances will redistribution or plagarism of this work be tolerated, without express permission of the author. Shay is always happy to hear from anyone interested in using his ideas, work or whatever - and flattery will get people a long way.

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The John Howard Talkie Toy

Star Wars Audio piece
(5 min. 3.2Mb mp3 format)

'Soft City' Sound piece


Simon Hunt Interview

Comedy, Censorship & Political Attention

King Kong Vs. Godzilla: The monster & differing representations of "the other"

Legal Considerations in the Development of Online Games

A History of German Expressionist Cinema

Pauline Pantsdown & Issues of Soundbyte Manipulation

Theoretical Analysis: The Pauline Pantsdown Recordings

Notions of 'text' & 'authorship'

The image/sound relationship: from counterpoint to harmony

Activism Online: The future of the dissenting voice?

Why is network technology so often portrayed as 'out of control' by traditional media forms?

Online Content & Jurisdiction

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Two net projects;
A short film for Tropfest;
final Media project;
Nexus online editorial work;
editing for Union Roundhouse video :-: ICQ# 1367656
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