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Full Name: Séamus Anthony Patrick Byrne
Nickname(s): Shay, Shaymouse, Shaybear, ShayShay, Shaju, Jim (only my Dad has ever used that one, though)
Usual Handle: Milgram
Born: 30th March, 1976 (Aries/Dragon) - Bankstown, NSW
Citizenship: Australian & Irish (parents are Irish immigrants)
Lives: Coogee Beach, Sydney, Australia
Education: Final Year - Arts (Media), UNSW
Status: Single
Employment: Volunteer Coordinator; Video Production; Freelance Web Design/Production
(Olympics Job: Media Engineer,

Siblings: Sister (Fiona, 28) and Bro-in-law (Ben, 30)
Has Lived (in order): Lakemba, Auburn, Casula, Castle Cove, Mittagong, Nowra, St. John's Park, Fairfield, Newtown, Maroubra, Surry Hills, Baulkham Hills, Coogee
Travels: Ireland, UK, France, Italy, Germany, Czech Rep., Switzerland, Austria, Nederlands, USA

Food: Satay Prawns; Thai; mushrooms; Chicken
Drink: Dark Ale; Pineapple Juice; Baileys
Confectionery: Chocolate Bullets; Raspberries
Movie(s): couldn't possibly begin to list...
TV: Buffy; The Practice; 3rd Rock; The Simpsons
Music: Eclectic - from showtunes to pop to electronica
Animal(s): Cows; Cats; Quoll; Lemer; Meerkats; Axylotyl
Dream Car: VW Golf (Electric Blue, convertible)

Talents: Juggle (3 ball tricks), Yo-yo expert, fire breather, drummer, sings, remembers trivial facts, movie quotes and info


Theory on spectatorship, popular memory, comedy, and postmodernism;
"The Sum of Us", Michael Marshall Smith

Air, "Moon Safari";
Rob Clarkson

Very litte, too much work. But Torment needs to be finished. :-: ICQ# 1367656
Séamus Byrne PO Box 39, Coogee NSW Australia 2034
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