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Below are pictures of myself, friends, travels, etc. All pictures are taken by me unless I'm in them and am not within reach of the classic 'armlength' picture (which I'm gettin' pretty good at :)

I'll categorise them when there are enough to bother categorising. So for now they are simply in the order that I dropped them in, which is mostly alphabetical after the first one (I think?)

Just click on the picture for the full size image...


My favourite faerie (Jo, who has just returned from Japan where she was teaching adults English) and I, at the 10 year Yellow Shirt reunion. One of those cool accidental artistic photos


Three lovely ladies at a party at my place. (From left) Anna, Amanda (ex-flatmate now galavanting around the world), and Sally (my European travel buddy 99-00, more of her later...)


Three of the many insane people I know...
Dave (genius PhD Comp Eng friend, and recent addition to our flat), McPang, and Nick (also a current flatmate)


I found the giant ferris wheel in Vienna where a famous scene from the Carol Reed film "The Third Man" was shot with Orson Welles. This is my Welles impersonation


This is Bart in his former incarnation as a CASOC officer at UNSW. In the full image you can see the marvellous state of repair the office was in (note the wall falling apart on the right)


An artistic shot of the Eiffel tower taken while in Paris (Jan 00). Trying to find a good angle. Think I found one


In Salzburg we found the actual gazebo from 'The Sound of Music'. It now sits not far from the house on the lake that also featured in the film. The Sound of Music tour was kinda cool for seeing this sort of stuff...


Friends at a Union Dinner a few years back. Greg (good friend & tech buddy at the Roundhouse), Holly, and Amanda G (aka Groper). The stories about these three would shock and astound most viewers (but that could be said of many friends I know)


My sister used to live in this gorgeous house in Oxfordshire, England. It is called 'Holly Cottage', was built in 1794, and sits in the middle of a tiny village (Cholsey) in beautiful English countryside


This was Louise at her 21st a few years back. One of my favourite pictures of a person-type subject. She is another big-time Buffy and Angel fan


On a short stopover in Japan on my 97-98 trip to Europe, I found this kinda amusing and interesting...


This is Nick Young. Current flatmate, working on the tech guru thing, he has been known to wear long coats all year round. In fact, fit the clothing description of those Columbine High School guys. But he ain't going postal anytime soon... I hope


Shot of the middle of Paris, around the Place de Concorde (Jan 00). I was most impressed with my composition. Thus, my favourite picture


This is the building in which I work. The Contact office is down to the left, on the wing of the building we can't see. Stalkers take note: I can be found there most of the time during the week


Romm takes pride in being known as evil. He even has those devil red contact lenses. Romm lived in my room while I was away over summer 99-00. Never a dull moment...


Sally on her graduation day - leaving UNSW (COFA) with her BFA. Sal is in London now, becoming more of a puppet-gemo-super-chick!


Me posing in a garden in Salburg. If it was good enough for them...


For the record, I know the way to San Jose. Well, from the Eiffel Tower anyway


Me and Alice. Alice is a very cool gal. We met on her first year psych camp. Have been friends since her first time as a Yellow Shirt. This was at the reunion dinner


Matthew Ding. Long time partner in crime. We met on our first time as Yellow Shirts, and became best friends during our first revue together. Have been on numerous adventures since - the biggest directing the 1997 Med Revue together. Mad raver by night, high-end optometrist by day


A bunch of my friends together at the O-Week/Yellow Shirt 10 year reunion dinner last year. Lisa (recent ex-flatmate now in Taiwan teaching kiddies English), Lyndel, Anand, Lainie, Dave, McPang, and Giles down the front (currently in London working as a producer for a post-prod company) :-: ICQ# 1367656
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