The pursuit of knowledge and the imbiciles employed to assist in the endeavour

Today was an average kinda day really. Some work, A few classes. But I still never cease to be amazed by one of my tutors who is a highly ignorant person, who I feel is not qualified to take our class.

Excuse my philosophising, but I believe that the fundamental reason for university education is to learn to understand, learn to think and learn to be a free and independant mind. I quickly grant this goal is all to scarcely achieved. But our academics and tutors should be people who can assist in such noble ambitions, not blatantly ignore the concept of being an intelligent, thinking member of society.

As is want to happen at the moment the referendum came up in class. After a justified whinge by a few people in class that the information has been confusing (which is excellent work by the monarchists who know confusion is their best line of attack) our tutor joined in. First, she agreed that there was just no good information getting to us. She then quickly followed this up with the fact that she has thrown the mailed out package of information into the junk mail pile and is not going to bother reading it!


It is the connection of these two issues that pisses me off. (a) She feels confused and poorly informed and wants to whinge about that and (b) She throws away the best and most direct form of information! It is stupidity like that that is going to keep Australia what it is and screw up the chance to become a republic! And this woman is meant to be an academic? An intellectual member of society? A thinker?

We are doomed. I give up...

Tomorrow is a long day. I'm spent. Good night.

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