I'm working on the regular update thing!

I've been quite slack on this, I know. And there are very few worthy 'but' comments that will make you believe why I am so slow at updates. But here is the general goss anyway.

When last I left off, I had my exhibition the next evening. That was a great night, made great thanks to the abundance of wine/champagne, and the good company. Thanks again to my friends who could make it - it was great to share some of my work with you all and great to hear opinions (especially as they were generally positive, which I hope is all true and not just to make me happy). I am really looking forward to next year, which is a great feeling.

Then I was off to the Hills to spend the weekend with the parents, which was cool. While there was much work to be done, throwing out old schoolbooks and stuff, and choosing which old clothes and games can be given away to charity (I think I REALLY only want to keep 'Scotland Yard' - a truly great game!), it was a nice weekend. My parents are great, and always seem to let me sleep in til midday which is heavenly. Always nice to play with the dog too (Tess, a Long-Haired German Shepard). Still more to be done before end of year.

Work is good too, as I am currently really ripping the place apart - almost literally! I'll spare you the details, suffice to say I am enjoying revamping the office. I also must write my talk which is on next Tuesday. It is quite exciting, and quite an honour. I am speaking about 'Recruiting and retaining volunteers' at this years ACUMA conference, and the talk is for the Student Board members of all the University Unions around Australia. Better make sure I don't make a mess of it. But I am totally relaxed about it. I'm fairly confident that from recent experience I could almost wing such a talk, as long as I get some overheads together.

The new site is almost ready, though don't hold your breath for super stuff. I decided not to make the whole thing a Flash thing, as that makes it REALLY annoying to do regular updates (unless anyone cares to buy me the $1000 'Flash Generator' server software?). So the pages will simply be a few word art bits on the pages, and will further be redesigned once I get a new scanner (bastard thieves!), so I can introduce further photo images to the whole thing - this will be upon return from Europe, with more photos to boot! The fancy Flashy pages will appear in my 'Shameless Self-Promotion' section of the site, along with other portfolio type media pieces I will play with.

My delays in recent updates are mainly due to two things - 'Baldur's Gate' and 'NHL 2000'. Two VERY cool games which keep taking those 'just a quick half hour' timeslots which should otherwise be devoted to this. So I apologise, and figure from my schedule for the weekend that I will write again on Monday - after a 21st, some RPG action and some movies.

I'll leave you with a cool quote I was reminded of last weekend while watching the MTV European Music Awards from Dublin. "God gave alcohol to the Irish, to stop them from taking over the world"


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