I feel good, nana nana nana na

My weekend was a mixed bag of fruity goodness, but as with any mixed bag it had its annoying bits along the way.

Friday saw one of the Union management leaving for maternity leave, which made for a rather social end to the working week. This was followed by seeing 007 with some friends, and it was indeed old school womanising James Bond stuff. Very entertaining as long as you let any semblance of reality wash away for the two hours. We couldn't help but laugh at Denise Richards every time she spoke - truly awful!

Saturday was nice as I slept in followed by starting to sort out odds and ends before I go away. It involved putting some of my old comics in bags with boards behind them to keep them safe and sound before I sell them. I discovered a number of valuable comics I did not realise I had, so that was a nice surprise. Then it was onto Michael Brown's 21st birthday celebration at the Pavillion on the Park, across from the Art Gallery of NSW. Very nice bash, with the Hawaiian theme working well for the tone of the evening. A few too many beverages later, though not to the point of stupidity and major embarrassment, and it was time to get to bed, to awake with a horror head that remained until 6pm Sunday.

Sunday saw the first geek out session in some time, with some AD&D under the guidance of Murray. A good portion of this was spent with my yucky head, but thankfully I was not the only one suffering from such an ailment. Its good to sometimes know there are others feeling just as bad as you are. I also learnt on this day that I had made a few moderately embarrassing statements at the end of the party the night before. Once my attention was drawn to them I realised I had let some things kind of slip which I rather hadn't. I am not going to further let information slip here. Nothing too bad, just a nuisance to deal with.

Today I had far too much work to get done for my talk tomorrow. Consequently I was in work until 11pm tonight. Annoying, but unavoidable. It was also a unique experience, never having had to work so late in the Contact office before. And it was a nice late night walk home. Today I also heard the news that 'Toy Story 2' smashed Thanksgiving weekend box office records, taking over $80 million US. Wow. I can't wait to see it. Also only 4 days until I get to see 'Blair Witch'. Excellent.

Now to the interesting thoughts. During Michael Brown's 21st I had a 'moment'. It was a moment where I for a brief moment realised who my friends are, where we are all going and what the future holds. It was a fabulous moment, and it was long before I got drunk. I just realised that myself and friends are people who may truly be involved with shaping the world in the years to come. Michael shortly after this made a comment in his speech. "When I stand here and look around I feel like I am the luckiest person I know".

He wasn't the only one.

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