Projects starting to get attention

I am finally starting to focus on the numerous projects I want to work on over the summer. While there will be a large gap in progress over January, I want to get things going so I have things to potter around with when I get back, and of course up until I leave. Here are a few details for those who may be interested.

Firstly, nerd stuff. I will be working on my roleplaying pages a little, finishing off the information about the Athasian campaign I ran earlier this year. I will also be creating a site for something I feel is desperately missing in the online resources for people who run campaigns - but more on that another time.

I want to get a movie review page going soon. Yes, there are plenty of other places where you can read movie reviews, but I want to get my opinion out there for many reasons. So that will happen soon.

I have some non-web projects to work on too. Making some music with the likes of Hugh and Dave, which will be cool to talk to other people about electronic music. I have a couple of video edits to do, one doco on the VSU fight earlier this year, and another doco on the Irish involved with the Snowy river scheme.

I found out some very cool news about some video work I have done recently, but I'll spit that out once it is confirmed and happening.

I will also be posting various pieces of work here in future that have been done as part of my degree. If I find it interesting, and thankfully I often do, I will post my sound works, web pages, essays, writings, etc. I have already done this with a couple of things, though Hugh informs me that he has had trouble downloading the mp3. Bugger. I'll try to deal with that soon.

Tomorrow is our exhibition, then off to the Hills.
Enjoy your weekend, people.

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