Some positive, if somewhat fractured, ramblings...

It's always nice how things can start to fall together like the last few pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. For a while the image was unclear, but now it starts to form, and the picture that is forming is a good one. I'm back to really enjoying being me, which is always a big plus.

Uni is finished for the year, and Thursday night is the exhibition of all the work done by the people in the course this year. That is a night I am looking forward to. While I have gotten to know some of the people in my course, it will be nice to socialise with them in a more relaxed atmosphere. Thanks also to the friends who can make it, as it really helps me get the warm fuzzy feeling that what I am doing is something good.

Saw 'Fight Club' again. What a film. Also saw 'eXistenZ' the other day. Good film ruined by one very annoying moment. But that may just be my opinion. Certainly worth a look for the rest of the film which is very thought provoking in this modern time.

Bought a Lonely Planet guide to Western Europe today. I know that will really start getting me excited about the trip. It will also help me get the budget on track asap.

Just watched the first two episodes of Season Four 'Buffy'. Very cool.

Apologies for the stilted flow of thoughts this evening. I just seem to be thinking in short bites of information that pop out as they happen. I can only offer apology. Improvement will come another day.

I will have a reason for a lack of update over this weekend. I will be changing ISP over the weekend, and between that and visiting my folks in the Hills for 3 days, little will be done here. I hope I can have some of the new site ready for early next week too. But that is a hope, not a promise. I have some plans that I will definitely put into action by early December, so stay tooned.

I'll stop drivelling along now.

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