Just a lazy, dog dangling afternoon

Hardly a day goes by where the chilli episode of the Simpson's doesn't come to mind. It really is a classic in our time. And today was one of those days. Not a drugged out Guatamalan Insanity Pepper eating day, but a lazy, dog dangling one.

I arose after midday. Luxury. I then got a call to go to Hugh's house and play with computer music stuff. Moseyed (how do you actually spell mosey?) around for a while before heading over to his place to talk themes and ideas for collective music efforts. I'll keep my cards close to my chest about that stuff at the moment. Then from there it was off to a friend's Christmas gathering in Longueville. Great view, good wine, great friends, great fun. I have cool friends too Kini =).

I found it an intriguing evening in that I realised I had been missing out on something for a very long time. About 6 years in fact. Something that had been right in front of me since then, and it makes me sad that I have just really encountered it now. I hope that is as cryptic as I wanted it to be. If you can decypher that, you may know me too well. I hope I can rectify the situation as soon as possible.

I haven't checked how yesterday's entry stands up to the cold light of sobriety. I'm not going to check either. I'm going to go away now. Night.

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