A first time for everything

This is my first ever drunken rambling entry. After an average day at work, the evening began with birthday ice-cream for my ole pal/friend/pseudosister/exflatmate Amanda. We hung out down around Coogee Beach, and then wandered up to Pirate land and Plastic land. This is a children's play area that is great fun late at night. One of the last children's play areas that still has equipment children really shouldn't be allowed to play on. Unfortunately, the council seems to be realising this. A number of toys around there have been removed or modified for safety reasons (we can only assume). Annoying, but still fun anyway.

Then we headed for Danni & Karl's place, which is just up the road a bit from my place. It is nice to have good friends as neighbours now - they just moved in last weekend. On the way I bought some beverages. Thus, the tipsy, drunken state I am in was born.

It was a nice night in general. Things were difficult at times due to the presence of my ex girlfriend. I'm sure I am not entirely blameless, but the situation is not comfortable as she seems to make a point of really avoiding any direct comment to me in conversation or any form of direct interaction at all. I really have no time for it anymore. Nuff said, for now.

Nothing else to report while I am in this state. Had a nice surprise for lunch today when a favourite old friend, Pieta, dropped by the office. It was nice to have a quick catch up and really made me want to catch up a bit more. We are definitely two people headed in somewhat similar directions. That was about it for other stuff to mention. I'm sure more will come back to me tomorrow.

Slan agus beanacht.

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