Just 10 more shopping days to Christmas

Such announcements never seem to grab my attention until around now, when I hit the panic button. It is people like me who cause the pre-Christmas shopping chaos. Not that I actually cause the problems, mind you. I (a) don't do lots of Christmas shopping, and (b) can do mine on weekdays during the working hours, when the crowds are not so bad. But in later life I better watch my step.

RANT MODE: I strongly dislike lazy-ass IT department people. I know it is a tough job at times, but I have but one breed I'd like to get nasty about. They are the ones who, upon receiving from some source or another a notice regarding an "email virus" or possible "security warning", distribute such information to their entire staff list without themselves checking the facts. THESE ARE THE DICKHEADS WHO CAUSE EMAIL HOAXES TO PROLIFERATE! I can't argue with some two-bit staff member passing on an email warning of danger at large when it comes from their IT - those supposedly "in the know" when it comes to such things. It takes two minutes of your time to check such information, even if you don't know where the best place to look actually is! This comes up due to a recent example relating to the "Elf Bowling" game, which is damn cool and very entertaining. Follow the link to grab a download - and it is quite small too. I got a warning about a "sleeper virus that will wreck your computer on Christmas day". Sounded strange so I checked it out and discovered very quickly it was a rather malicious hoax. Then I found out my concerned friend (the one who sent me the game) was simply passing on info from their IT department. Morons, pathetic morons. Enough ranting... I apologise for such text vomit.

I have now finished work for the year. I won't count a few meetings and a couple of articles to write for O-Week 2000 that must be done before Christmas. They are hardly work, and I won't be on paid time doing them. Ho hum. I can now get myself organised for holidays and Christmas and such. And get the stupid, addictive computer game I have been playing finished before I leave.

Moving onto other stuff, I have finally gotten to watch my "Clerks" and "Mallrats" DVDs (thanks Hugh). The extras are simply brilliant! What a marvel this new fangled format is! Next year I will start to build my collection, though only the releases that have a good set of special features.

Next year in general should be good. Looking forward to it muchly.

In the here and now, today is my Mum's birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MA! Love ya heaps! My folks are great, and quite young too, for a couple who have a 27 year old daughter and a 23 year old son. She is now 47 years into things, with the look of a much younger lady. A proud, if somewhat bizarre, moment at high school was being told my older sister had been past to drop of my lunch when it as in fact my mother. She wouldn't believe me.

Keep on truckin'

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