Strange Days

We are now living in the time of the movie 'Strange Days'. Well, not quite, but certainly in two weeks. It is a film definitely worth a look, and has a very interesting take on the the coming New Year party. "What happens when they all wake up tomorrow and nothing is different". But I cannot doubt these are strange days indeed. Most peculiar mamma.

Work today was work. A little more dabbling with office renovation and creation of advetising strategies for really getting students knowing what we can do for them. Only two more working days until I pack up shop til Valentine's Day. My day of return from Europe and straight back to work. But I no complain. I'm my own boss... kinda marks it hard to complain to anyone really.

This evening I caught up with an old friend, Daniel. The oldest, actually. We've known each other since before I started school. And through all the moving and separation of life and certainly at times lifestyles, we have been the truest of friends. Apart from catching up on details, very little has changed between us. Time passes oh so easily. I love that. The most shocking part of the evening was to hear some news about people from my school. I mentioned how I have lost contact with everyone from school. Daniel then explained how he heard that about half a dozen people from my year have died of heroin ODs. I found that simply incredible. They were all from one particular crowd, which were the druggy types. But I would never have expected such an escalation in what they were into, and certainly not that about half of that group of people are now dead. Dead. That got me thinking about another friend who died in a car crash a couple of years ago. Due to my work at the time I didn't hear until a couple of days after the funeral. I wonder if my old friends ever think about what I am doing now?

The past couple of days have been interesting as I have 'met' a few of the stranger type people whose pages I read, and similarly most of them read mine. I dig all you guys. If I didn't why would I bother reading? Pure text voyeurism? Hardly. Also got the surprise of a really stranger connected to the people I read - Jo. She is one cool gal, and I now have one more journal location to check out. If you want to be convinced of the virtues of the colour orange, Jo is the salesperson.

I'm looking forward to visiting the hairy cows in Scotland. I don't think I have mentioned how much I love cows. They really are cool animals. I miss my pet cows from our farm days. I also miss crazy little Tink, Lisa's cat. Now living in Wellington (country NSW, not NZ for the unsure readers). I have discovered the animal I would like to keep as a pet, once I settle a bit more. A quoll. It is kind of a native Australian cat, but its closest relative is the Tassie Devil. They are smarter than dogs, incredibly clean, and non territorial. They just love to explore and then to have someone and someplace to come home to. How awesome. I shall do a little more research at the end of next year.

I'm going to add a further point form type page. It is quick and easy to say things about myself that defy labels in such a manner. Things like 'I have a cool Buzz Lightyear Action Figure'. Though they may also be easy to get meaning wrong. To say 'I have an inflatable Dorothy the Dinosaur' may lead people to call me perverted. Such an item begs explanation of the circumstances under which it was received (from the cast of the '97 Med Revue I directed) and that it is a kids toy and not a sex toy.

I really am rambling now.

To infinity and beyond!

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