Inspiration waits for no one

I went to a cool seminar tonight, as mentioned yesterday. Some very good Australian writer-directors (such films as "Soft Fruit" and "Occasional Course Language") were there with great advice on low/no budget filmmaking. Highly inspirational, yet seeing as how I head off in just a couple of weeks, will likely have waned by the time of my return. Hoepfully a new well of inspiration springs forth from this trip.

I'll repeat this here for those who do not get personal hassles from me. While voting in the Triple J Hottest 100 could you also vote for "Touched" by VAST. It is in the list. What a track. Wow.

Found a cool new magazine today. Called 'Shift'. It is a digital tech and style magazine. The first good crossover between style, pop culture and the net kind of a mag. It is also Canadian, just by the by. While this is good, it also eats up the idea some friends and I had for a similar kind of magazine. Bugger.

Time for sweepy byes. Night.

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