Fast update post technical difficulties

While trying to 'extend my lycos experience', something didn't quite register properly, and thus I was locked out of my account here somehow for the last week. But all is fixed now thanks to someone finally giving it a little personal attention, which was nice. So here I am.

Big week this week. Monday night I watched the dress rehearsal of the UNSW Med Revue and it was quite good. Very impressed with the new, young cast people who are all so damn professional on stage. Classy stuff, and a good sign for the next few years quality. Yay!

Tuesday night I caught up with Simone, a wonderful young lass whom I met while in Berlin earlier this year. Saw 'Bringing Out the Dead' which was good, though somewhat reminiscent of 'Taxi Driver' (not that that was a bad film, but Scorsese has already made it and doesn't need to make another one). That was a very cool night.

And tonight I went and saw the Tim Rice Musical Spectacular which was awesome! All performances were brilliant, and some real surprises were included which was good. It's nights like these that I have to say there are no tunes like show tunes! Indeed I've come home and 'Chess' has gone back into the CD player. I'm sure it will rotate with 'JC Superstar' over the next few days.

And my dance card continues its full run until Sunday. Tomorrow night there is the little meet and greet at the Soup Plus with kini and JoJo, which should be some fun. Friday is a bit of a dinner and drinks night. Saturday is the house reheat at Bart's. Then maybe i'll do something arguably constructive on Sunday... or not.

Gotta go do some readings.

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