Quite the long weekend

A confusing weekend with two holidays combined into one. Thankfully that's a rare event... though I guess if it wasn't rare it wouldn't be confusing? So a mix of celebrations took place this weekend but if there was something in common it was that they all were lower key than usual.

On Saturday I helped a friend move flats - nine floors up in the same building. Made for an interesting but in the end quite nice time spent with people I rarely get to spend time with. Her new flat is pretty cool. In the city, ninth floor, 'bachelor' flat. And a pseudo balcony too!

I hung out with my Mum at home in the Hills for Sunday-Monday, which was nice. We chatted with Dad and Fiona in England for a bit too, which made it feel a bit more like the family together for Easter. Fiona is now in Rome for a few days, before her and Ben start their four month trip home overland to China, then flying back to Sydney. What an experience that will be!

Took Mum out to see 'Erin Brockovich' which was a damn good movie. Most impressive performance from Julia Roberts. Cool that the real Erin Brockovich was in the movie too (the cafe waitress). Apparently Julia Roberts was petrified on that day of the shoot about being her in front of her...

Then on Tuesday our Anzac Day picnic was a washout. It was moved to someone's house, but I didn't get there. Instead, I check out the booksale at uni and picked up some interesting stuff - like a book of opinions on what the year 2000 will be like (written in 1985), and the first ever 'choose your own adventure' book. Also played some Nintendo and Playstation in a truly amazing way. Thanks to our contacts, we played these on a big projector screen surrounded by a speaker system used to run a large dance party a couple of nights ago. Total overkill. Total immersion. Very cool... I took some pictures of the set up which I will scan soon.

Speaking of scans, I have finally scanned some photos!! Yay! So have a look here at some piccies of me, my friends, places I've been, etc. Now I have done some scans I'll be more likely to keep on getting some done in future, so hopefully that was the floodgates opening?

Well, I better go and wade through that pile of readings to get done. The glasses are on the way, but I don't have time to wait for them so it's time to struggle forward and onward.

I'll be snowed under again before I know it ;)

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