Dear Jo... (A gunpoint entry written for the person with the gun)

Okay. So it has been a week since last. I swear I've beena busy little vege. But here we go now, mmkay? Let's start at last Wednesday...

Went to see the Tim Rice Musical Spectacular which was amazing on many levels. From the great performances by all involved to the awe-inspiring lighting rig to the most deafening moment of feedback I've heard in my life. Quite a good night, and nice to be out with Mum now and then - this is indeed a tough few months ahead.

Thursday was the meeting with some people I know from online. You may know some of them? There was kini and some of her friends, bart, olivia, and that girl over from NZ, ummm, Jo! Was a nice night with some pleasant consumption of alcohol and interesting conversation. I found it strange how Olivia and Jo would give each other knowing glances and laugh heartily whenever questions of what they have been up to were put to them... strange indeed - must be an NZ kinda code ;)

I also found it strange how when you know someone quite well from their words on their site, all the standard idle chit-chat icebreakers are totally transparent. So initial conversation points seem a little difficult. But get a few drinks involved and things are soon flowing along!

Friday was a nice little dinner night for Chris' 25th. Just a small thing, in a very nice little restaurant in Leichardt (Tutto's I think...). This was followed by some drinks in a small bar nearby. Probably the most stylish evening I have had in the last few years - a very nice and indeed civilised night with some good friends.

Saturday began late. I saw 'Gladiator' and was impressed thoroughly by the battle scenes, and unimpressed by the script - but Russell Crowe rocked as Maximus! Did you know Mr. Crowe is a New Zealander? Isn't that just so typical of Australia? Time to get on your high horse if you care! We then went to Bart's housewarming which was another cool event. First time in a while I've had a chance to chat to people I don't know at a party, as well as catch up with some people I hadn't seen in a while - a nice cross-section all in all. And quite a cool flat.

Sunday began with intent, but fizzled into a nice and simple relaxing day. Yumm!

Since then, I've been working and studying and bailing on audition type things. Also started to lose faith in a few things taking place in my life at the moment. So now that you've made me think about it, I'm not in the super happy place I've been in a lot recently. I'll take the Keats line and appreciate this degradation for its ability to renew my appreciation for the great heights. Also a good chance to play some down and dirty music that just doesn't quite work when you are in those perfectly fine and dandy places... see, I feel better about it already! :)

Today I got more tests done on my eyes, and they made my pupils really big and then shone bright lights into my eyes. It hurt. They did it four times because they were having equipment trouble. My eyes actually still hurt a little. They feel like the retina is bruised in a strange, non physical way. I'm sure it'll be better after a good sleep. I sure as hell hope so. My glasses arrive Thursday. Coolness!

Upcoming stuff looks - busy!! The list of due dates is on the wall and it doesn't look happy! But there are some cool events, parties and stuff on the way which will help to keep me movin' on.

I hope this entry is adequate? If not, mail me and bitch about it!

Love Shay :)

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