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Idle Speculations

Thinking of this, that and the other

I finally got my next few essay topics into order in my head. I'll be writing about the use of sound in horror films (specifically with relation to the notions of assualtive and reactive gaze), then also writing about how the film "Idiot Box" fits into the black ghetto 'gangsta' film framework - same issues, same ideas, set in Western Sydney rather than south central LA.

Much easier to move forward when I know what I'm intending to talk about. Lots of other odds and sods to be done. Gotta go do some readings in a minute in fact.

I've heard some funky stuff about next season Buffy that make me look forward to it muchly. No spoilers, just cool tid bits. Of course, having to wait until next year makes it so damn annoying! Argh! But I'll cope... I'm sure...

And soccer season has returned to Europe! Aaaahh... the real football...

Okay. I've got work to do. So I'll leave it at short and strange for today.

Oh! One more thing! Don't recall if I mentioned this, but my oldest friend in the world (after my sis, of course) is on the IMDB. Very cool. That also means he is on the Kevin Bacon Oracle website. His Bacon number is 3. He was most excited when I pointed all this out to him earlier this evening. Amazing what a 1991 telemovie can do for your social life!

Enjoy life til next...

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