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Idle Speculations

My Day

Today I got up from bed and I went to school. I had a class and we watched Roseanne and talked about why she was funny on the TV. It was good. Then I went to work and I answered peoples questions and then some of my volunteers came and then they answered some questions and then I did some other work for tomorrow's party. Sometimes we laughed, sometimes I got upset and angry, sometimes I went to the toilet. It was a nice day. Then I ordered pizza and a cake for the party tomorrow. Contact will be 8 years old. Happy birthday Contact. Then my friend came over and he said "let's go see 'Eye of the Beholder' later" and I said "okay, let's do that" and so we did and it was good. I like Ashley Judd. She is one of my favourite actresses in the world. I will marry her when I grow up. Then later we went to the shops and bought lollies and drinks and chips and things for the party. Then when we were at the check out we saw bags of mixed lollies for sale at Coles. We thought this was strange at a supermarket. And there weren't many in each bag for $1. Then we thought they might have come from bags that had been ripped open or something. Then we laughed. Then we thought about it some more and stopped laughing. Then we went home to my house and watched some TV. We watched Survivor. I wanted to see Rudy get gone, but it was Sean instead. Bye bye Sean. While that was on we ate pizza for dinner. It was fun. Then my friend went home, then I didn't do much, then I came to my room to do some work, then I started typing this before I go to bed.

That was my day. It was good.

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