Can't think if anything cool to write up here today

A lot has happened since last update. I can't believe it has in fact been 10 days since I last did this! A long week and a half, that's for sure!

The biggest news for me is bad. I have to get reading glasses! I was the last line of hope in my family of not having glasses, but all this computer business just had to break me eventually, I guess. So next week I'm off to visit Matt to purchase some specs... a sad day. Please wear black armbands (or frames?) to show your respect.

Apart from this, it is a short holiday at uni, which has been well looked forward to. I have a lot of stuff to get done this break, as well as enjoying some of the downtime. Tonight is the first time in a while when I have felt bad about not going out. There is quite a large party on tonight and I managed to not get out to it. Bugger. Entirely my own fault too. I'll make up for it soon. I must go out and go hard sometime soon.

Also in empty house mode this weekend. All flatmates have gone away. They return as I leave to spend time with my Mum in the Hills. That'll be a nice couple of days. I have lots of reading to get done, and I can borrow Mum's glasses to do it 'til I get me own. (Yes, even as I type this I cannot really read it properly - just enough off to make my eyes sore pretty quick! damn i hate getting old-er!)

Went out shopping last night, very retail therapy style. After handing in 3 assignments, I headed into town and bought pants, shirts, shoes, CDs and a book. Haven't had such shopping fun in a VERY long time! It felt so good I'm going to do a little more tomorrow ;)

That's enough for now. Must go do some other stuff. I'll write again soon - tis a holiday after all! Til Next...

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