Just a bunch of stuff

First mark back for 2000 today and twas good news. One down, uncountable to go! Still, I'm making headway with my major project for this session and stuff is falling into place - finally.

Had some weird issues with our phone line this evening, which may result from the more general problems with the line. Must get that fixed soon so that my net connection can be a little more stable... yay for dropout reductions!

I saw the original computer journal writer this evening, with a rare 'Doogie Howser MD' fix. Aaah, Doogie. The episode was even about the whole concept of keeping the journal, and the more general issue of memory. Reminded me of just how cool a show that was (and I guess, still is).

Off to watch Angel now... and now I'm back! (and what a cool episode)

Now some observations. Cool to see that Video Ezy are getting their butts kicked over the rental price rise (dig that ACCC, kini!); also noticed that the nice way of saying 'these eggs were produced on a battery farm' is in fact 'produced in an intensive hen system' - please don't buy Eggbert Eggs!!

There were other things, but they ellude me at this time. ho hum.

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