We are the champions! ch! ch! chch! ch!

Today it was announced that UNSW won the Triple J competition to get Merrick & Rosso to come and do a show from our campus! Woo Hoo! The objective of the competition was to be the university or TAFE to send in the most entry forms. Being coordinator of a team of about 70 volunteers, and a big Merrick & Rosso fan, I got my team to fill out these forms as much as possible while they were working in the office. Over the couple of weeks we had, the team filled out an inspiring total of around 5,000 entries! That being about 60% of the total received from our uni. What an awesome effort! Man, I love my volunteers! And it is great for the team to see that such an awesome piece of teamwork has paid off bigtime!

If you can't tell... I'm excited!

Today was a good start to my week of solid work ethic. I came home tired, and I got a lot done. Now for a bit more room work, and then relaxing with the Buffy before I end my day.

As you may be aware, my lack of scanner has created the net result of me having no pictures of myself on this site. It is not that I want to hide my face from you all, it really is just the stolen scanner problem. But in the meantime, I remembered that a friend used a couple of pictures of me to make quite an amusing film advertisement (made in '98). It amuses me more to think some of you will see my face for the first time in the guise of a knight templar (images are from a fancy dress party).

Hope you find it amusing. Let me know what you think! The piece is the work of my good friend Hugh

Bye for now...

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