Good stuff all round

Today was a nice day. The world physically, my general mood. Nice. It was nice.

Got a few odds and ends done today, but not enough to make tomorrow a simple one. A lot to do now to be done with all things work and university related for 1999. Then I did a little shopping for Christmas things. Stress 'a little'. Plenty more to do, but I know what I have to do know, and where I will do it. So it should be easy. Then I met my parents and two of their business colleagues for dinner on Cleveland St. at Mulligan's Irish Restaurant. Yummy. Always fun, as we are friends with the owners. Then twas home and onto the net where I got to get my marks for the year finally and WOO HOO! I got lots of good marks that I am very pleased about. A few borderline marks went the right way into DN territory so all up they look particularly excellent.

Bugger. I just realised I forgot to ring a friend for the favour of the century. I MUST remember to do this tomorrow, as time is getting short. Got lots of holiday preps to get done now too. Almost at panic point, as I have started to worry about things being out of stock. That would really stuff me up, being so late in the game. 10 days til I go! Still doesn't mean anything to me. No registration yet. Soon enough, I'm sure...

Tomorrow I am attending a meeting regarding O-Week 2000. I have no idea why I will be there. I think I will be sort of chairing the meeting, as most other people have little idea of how things were run previously with such campus-wide meetings. Don't even know who is coming to the meeting. All will be revealed 10.30 tomorrow morning.

After my nice results I think I will put some of my essays from this year in the shameless self-promotion section. That way people can get an indication of what I do in my studies. You'll be surprised with the topics I get to write about in my degree. "King Kong vs. Gojira (ie. Godzilla)", "South Park", and other cool stuff. I'll get a few things up before the end of the weekend. And essays are easier than reformatting sound design projects. But I will do some of them, I promise. I just need to get a DAT out and do them.

Saw this incredible group today on Jay Leno. They were called (I think, pretty sure) "Blue Man Band". I'd never heard of them before, but they were incredible. As per my taste, they played an instrumental number which featured a home-made set of instruments - like a big hollow tube organ that they slapped the tops of to get notes. But then gradually their band kicked in behind this, with FOUR percussionists! Two drum kits, two general percussion. Awesome sounds. If anyone knows ANYTHING about them please mail me and let me know where to find their stuff. I will do more hunting for a CD of theirs tomorrow, otherwise I will email Leno's show and ask them. In fact, I will do that tonight before I log off.

Gotta go get some sleep. For tonight... that'll do Shay, that'll do...

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