"My mind is clearer now... at last, all too well, I can see, where we all, soon will be..."

Time is precious. I resolve to use it better next year and beyond. I am now finished for the year with work stuff. Well, one more thing. I just cannot escape UNSW. Little things keep making me head back to tidy up a detail or two. At least a commitment reduction in 2000 means I'll be freer of campus duties. More time for me and my focus on all things future - which I am really loving, so yay for me.

Some updates. That meeting was simple. I didn't have to do anything. Just brought up a couple of pertinent points and little else. Quite easy really. Also that band I saw the other day on Leno is "Blue Man Group". Their website explains lots and even has a sample off the CD they've just released of their music. Very cool group/performance artists. Check it out.

Also, a quick bulletin for me - if anyone has a big, travelling backpack they would be willing to loan me for two months could you let me know? I'm getting kind of desperate for such an item now. I bought my rail passes for Britain and Europe today. $1020! I kept thinking of all the houseware/technology type stuff I could have bought with that much money. But it'll pass. As soon as I am there I will be damn glad, I'm sure.

Thanks to Chad, I have finally got my Jesus Christ Superstar CD back. The first one of the two CD set anyway. I've been listening to "Heaven on their minds" a lot. What a song, and the Carl Anderson rendition never ceases to blow me away.

Tomorrow a family Christmas BBQ. Then home, and then "Being John Malkovich" on Sunday - likely my last film before I leave. I watched "She's All That" tonight, and it was pretty cool. A few too many stereotypical teen film devices, but still enjoyable. And a nice little Sarah Michelle Gellar cameo.

Not sure if I have mentioned here just how much Seth Green rocks. He really does.

See you other side of the weekend

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