A big day... nay! A big month!

Big days are always good, because they make you feel like you really are out there doing stuff. While today for me has been reduced a little in events - namely as I am not seeing M:I-2 this morning - there is still much big stuff to be lived through.

First at 2pm is a class field trip to Bent Street at Fox Studios. Should be a hoot. Then I have an interview in the city. Wish me luck. Then I am seeing the Warren Miller film tonight, which is the fiftieth anniversary of his films and thus a big night at the State Theatre. You see? A big day.

Then the month ahead is looking a little more daunting, with all major work for this session due between next Wednesday and the 21st. A LOT of work to be done. This weekend is going to be a big work time indeed. Research can be fun, once you get into it. Its that motivation to spend 5 hours at the library that is delaying that project.

Still, come the 16th I have four weeks off work to do some film projects and web stuff and writing and, and... and stuff.

Congrats to Bart for this weekend! The big four years... I must try and remember when Shay's Spot first came into existence. I believe it was end of 1994. I guess I've missed the five year party. Damn. Maybe I can make up an anniversary date, like other people do when they forget? Or like Queen's Birthday Weekend? When the date has little to do with anything in particular relating to the actuality? Hmmm... I'll give it some thought...

Til next

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