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Idle Speculations

Back in the pool for one more lap

Uni has just gone back in for what could be my last session if I so choose. That is a pretty good thought after far too many years. So motivation is pretty high to do well, and any difficulty of motivation is long gone. To think that some solid focus for about 3 months (give or take an Olympic Games) will result in finally getting a high quality piece of paper with some words printed on it. And all for just a few thousands of dollars...

The video 'Live @ the Roundhouse' is now finished and gone to print (is that what you call sending a video off for duplication? I must learn those little bits of industry jargon). I'll let you know how that turns out when it comes back and goes out. 4000 copies will be given to students for free. I've been too close to it for too long to think about what the final product is like. It was well liked by Venue & Marketing management at the Union, so that is a good start. But ultimately it is what the punters think that matters most.

I'm also now one week into a big time healthy test. I've decided to get rid of all of my vices for a while and see which ones I REALLY miss after a few weeks. I'm feeling quite good and don't really seem to miss much of anything. I even tempt myself by wandering around in shops in front of my favourite snacks or whatever, but have convinced myself well enough that it should be good enough to enjoy the smell of such things for what they are. That the consumption is often not necessarily as good - take popcorn for example...

I'm starting to get excited at the prospect of my sister getting home in about 6 weeks. Yay! Having not had my sister be local for about 4 years has been pretty sad. We are such good buds and I can't wait to hang out more. After some drunken wandering around Oxford in England, where she lived for a lot of her time away, we are better friends than ever, too!

I also got the coolest phone message from Sal Webster from London. No words, just the sound of a Karate Dog stuffed toy barking down the phone. It was SO cool! We carried two of those toys around Europe and made up rules for them and everything. Then Sal's went MIA in Salzburg. She must have bought one again when she was back in Dublin. Very funky stuff.

Think I'll go to sleep now. You should go do something constructive ;)

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