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This week seems set to remind me why I have given up being too involved. There will be far too many things this week that I am meant to be committed to. And with 'issues' arising around these activities they will not be a barrel of laughs on the organisational level. I will not allow myself to be given too much responsibility for anything, though. That is not part of my job description for Contact.

Cool stuff this week is that the 'Live @ the Roundhouse' video comes out Wednesday. It'll be good to see the general student reaction to it this week. The video looks great in its cover - makes me feel like I've made a real video!

Watched some movies this weekend. 'The Sting' was on Encore this afternoon and I watched 'Blue Steel' (which wasn't very good) and 'Friday' on vid. Also went to a 21st last night which was very cool. A nice party, a nice crowd, and a lot of fun.

Had some profound thoughts last night that I even thought 'I must write that in the journal tomorrow night, I wish I had a piece of paper to write that down' and have since forgotten what it was. I was right about that piece of paper.

Did some shopping Saturday which was cool. Bought two pair of shoes (running & 'good' shoes) and two jumpers that were on sale. Good purchases all in all.

Here are a few generic 'cool things' from the past few days: I know someone who, at the Olympic Opening Ceremony, will have a button that can shut down the whole event. Cool!; I miss public transport sometimes. The enforced 'downtime' you get to just read, think, reflect;Jakob Nielsen's book 'Designing Web Usability' is cool!; I'm starting to begin stretching exercises in an attempt to get flexible (I have big hip issues) so I can return to Choy Li Fut (my favourite style of Kung Fu); Nexus Online stuff will start rolling again soon so I must start writing article type things about technology and online stuff - I'm open to suggestions for articles...

Think I'll keep a small notepad with me from now on. I want to get back to writing cool little thoughts down here, rather than just talking about 'this was my day'. I must also get back to doing more than 4 updates in a month! I've been bad. I'll try to make August good, because September will be basically journal-free with Olympics work.

Send me words of encouragement if you care to... I could use them to remotivate to write more stuff in this journal...

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