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Idle Speculations

Shay Spot - Version 7(ish?)

Just can't think of how many different versions of Shay Spot I have created. And every time I get bored with the design after a while. Thus, this is the design I intended to happily live with and make in such a fashion that things could easily be changed around, and have simple changes make for a nice alternative, without ever having to go the 'major overhaul' again.

I'm confident that this is that site. The one I can grow old with... until major shifts in technology demand major overhaul once again. But that'll be at least a couple of years ;)

This has kept me busy over the last couple of days. Apart from that I've been sleeping, and I've watched a couple of movies - though nothing that warrants a mention here. Gotta get stuck into the video logging and editing tomorrow. Also have to do some errand running tomorrow - a bit of a galavant around Sydney tomorrow morning.

Also going to start sticking my cool holiday postcards onto my walls above my bed. So I can wake up and look at the cool places I've been! Lots of little projects, fairly relaxed timeframe.

More another day.

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