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Idle Speculations

"So how's that workin' out for ya?... Being clever..."

Not too much to say, really. Couldn't even come up with a good title for today, so I've resorted to a cool quote from a recent favourite movie of mine. Great quote that. Great film too. And has a funky website. I've been wrapped up in my end of session stuff basically.

Indeed my weekend was all about finishing my major project which is now complete and handed in and everything. I do want to tweak it a little more before putting it online. Maybe I'll put the current finished toy online later this week for all the loyal readers, then launch it later when a slightly updated version is released in a few weeks? Hmmm...

Let me know if you are interested in seeing it. To explain slightly, it is a game where you can make little puppet of John Howard say whatever you want him to, by selecting words from a list and forming sentences that are then read out. The final product is not as slick as I would like, as Director is not capable of playing the sound files as close together as is needed to get the speech flowing nicely. But it is still quite fun, and those who've had a go have had a nice laugh. It will be about a 3 meg download, or less as a Shockwave game if you have that installed.

Just finished my last essay tonight too. Hurrah! So tomorrow I have a meeting about some editing work at uni over the next few weeks, then I come home and play stupid computer games and clean my room up completely. With the party this weekend I don't want it looking anything like it does now! I'll also find it much more agreeable once tidy (having trouble spelling the word tidyer? tidier? tidyier? I think door number two seems best...)

Found a nice little summary of what Stanley Milgram did in his "Obedience to Authority" studies. This pioneering social psychology work is why I have taken my handle from him. This is a little insight into why...

Going to sleep now. Tomorrow is a new day indeed.

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