Great cinemas, great movie, wandering thoughts

Well, as I mentioned yesterday, I was heading over to the new Fox Studios retail area and cinema complex. Unfortunately the place really is not ready for business, with about half the stores still getting their fittings done or not fully stocked yet. So the general business area of Bent Street was pretty lame today - I'm sure it will get better. The cinemas are another story...

The Fox Hoyts is very nice, as is the 'arthouse' Paris Cinema centre. Chris and I went and saw 'Fight Club' this afternoon. It is an excellent film. Really excellent. A film that really seems to have it all - it is confronting, funny, violent, freaky, graphic, myserious and thought provoking. Quite the achievement in film, though in some ways I can see its danger. It could be a very influential film for the wrong kind of people. I came away feeling more confident and carefree, more willing to face confrontation. I'd hate to see some try hard tough guy come out with a bad case of attitude. Oh, if you don't like to see highly graphic death and destruction - avoid this or be prepared to turn away at a moments notice. Even I was cringing a few times!

I now look forward to returning and using the funky new 'La Premiere' section of the theatre. Definitely sounds worthwhile for social movies, but not really for the hard-core intense films such as I saw today. For those who haven't heard, it is a a section up the back of some of their theatres that costs extra (about $20, $15 this week). You get a big lounge chair, a table beside it and all the drink and popcorn you want - apparently there is a person who will go and get you more if you want. Luxury!

Another thought that has been in my head today is about human evolution. On lots of science shows or 'look to the future' sci-fi type docos they often talk about what will slowly happen to humans. But I was wondering how the hell we expect to evolve if we continue to protect genetic faults? Not even focussing on the genetic engineering issue of fixing 'defects' before birth - that has its own issues. But the little things of eye glasses and hearing aids and all that stuff. Nothing new here, nor do I think its time to bite the bullet and say "Screw You people! If you can't see - die!!". Just thought I'd mention one of those wandering thoughts of today.

Bye for now.

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