Go, go, Gadget festive spirits!

As promised, there are now some essays online. About four, I think. They are in the self-promo section. A couple of interesting ones and a couple of more technical theory ones. All about media, film, the net and such. Who knows? Maybe you could learn something?

Twas a nice weekend all in all. Saturday was the big family BBQ for Christmas, and it was really great to catch up with the Larkin clan, our surrogate Australian family. To give quick explanation - when my parents moved here Dad made friends with the late Ken Larkin, who really took our family in and made us part of his own. They are a great bunch of people and we love them dearly. So as I rarely get to see them anymore, it is always great to catch up. There are a fair number of little kids now too, which makes Christmas feel all the more special, when you see their joy in all things, especially the Wiggles kind.

Came back to Coogee this morning after staying in the Hills (and getting to catch some animated series "Batman" this morning, which was great). Did some Christmas shopping on the way home, then had a late brunch with some close friends and now close neighbours, Dannielle and Karl. This was followed by some sitting around looking at photos which was great. I love these kinds of days.

But it is now crunch time for getting organised. 5 days to prepare everything! And with our household Christmas tomorrow night, and the farewell/Christmas party Wednesday, things are indeed looking tight. But busyness will make the time fly I'm sure, so before I know it I will be on a plane, winging my way to the new millenium.

Currently debating New Year's plans again. Hanging out in Dublin with Sally, playing for the chance of a good time in a cool town with unsure accomodation, or taking Sal down to Carlow for our big Byrne family New Year's Party where a great time is secure in a great little Irish town. Both have big pros and cons. I'd say the decision will come late in the game...

Good night

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