Australian sport really kicked some proverbial!

For such a sport-centric culture as this one, what an amazing end to the century to have so many world titles in our hands. Let's see. We have cricket (men & women), hockey (men & women), tennis, rugby union, rugby league, netball and even baseball! Nine world titles, yet of course only 3 ticker tape parades. We may love our sport, but only the main ones are worth really cheering about - apparently anyway.

If you get a chance, I highly advise checking out the cover of the current "NW" magazine. It was one of the most hysterical examples I have ever seen of making up a story out of absolutely nothing. If you can't get to a copy (hi, Lisa) I'll try to explain. The main headline is something like "Why the royals fear Brittany Spears" and a picture of Brittany seemingly standing with Prince William. Then there is a small caption on the picture stating "The prince and Brittany would make a great-looking couple, as our photo montage shows". What a crock! Such tabloid garbage overwhelms me with a fear and loathing of our media industry. Well, sections of it anyway. The bit I am not going to work in.

Finally prepped my 2000 enrolment info, though I have to deal with the issues of getting approval on my extra subject for next year. I don't think I will have major dramas over it, but being away for 7 weeks won't make the process any easier. Now for my amazing news for the day. Ladies and gentlemen, after too many years and course changes, Séamus has achieved a HD! This fills me with such a sense of happiness and purpose. I finally am studying what I enjoy and doing well in it too. Simply marvellous. I'm so excited, and I just can't hide it, I'm about to lose control and I think I like it. Or maybe not quite.

Nick had his birthday today and received a network hub. What a great gift. Now we can go stupid with all manner of file sharing and network game playing in the comfort of our own home.

A word of advice for you all. The song "Touched" by VAST can really do a lot for the soul. Whether it is a troubled one, a happy one, whatever. It is simply an amazing piece of music that should not be missed. Find it if you can... if you can't I might put the chorus on here as a taste of what you are missing.

Tomorrow night I am off to a seminar on low-budget film making, with some cool guest speakers. Should be interesting. It also happens to take place on a night when there are about three other cool things taking place. Typical.

Time to hit the pillow.

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