All new, little different!

Again, a week has passed us by without comment. But at last the new look is upon us.

I won't bother being self-depricating. It simply will do until next year sometime. Until I get a scanner and get some photos in to liven up the place.

The conference last week went well. The talk deviated from the original plan, which was a good thing really. Having never been nefore, I had no idea what people would be after, so I was prepared for the most difficult and it became an easier discussion type session. I also met a number of people in similar positions to myself at other universities who I will stay in touch with and exchange ideas with. All in all, a great experience.

Next up there were a number of movies this week, all of which were of high merits. First, I saw 'Toy Story 2'. Wow. One of the best sequels I have ever seen - animated or real. Truly a great film. Then on Friday I saw 'The Blair Witch Project', and was truly scared for the first time in a long time. This fact did not sink in until later that night - at about 2.30am. On my way home I started freaking out at soft noises as I walked down a quiet street, and when I got home I was checking behind doors and making sure lights were on before setting foot in a room. I haven't done that stuff since I was about 10 years old! A very original film, too. Well worth a look, if just for its presentation and style. Don't watch this before going camping!!

Then we caught some classics. I saw 'Double Indemnity' followed by 'Chinatown' on Sunday. I had seen the first, which is typical, well made film noir. 'Chinatown' was also excellent, and I was amazed to see the very cool actor John Leguizamo in the screening too. It is not surprising to run into the odd Australian actor at the Chauvel, but such a cool international star is indeed a nice surprise! Today I saw 'The Third Man', the 1949 British classic. While I was very impressed by its technical excellence and performances, I was a little underwhelmed by the story, considering the ravings I have heard about the film in recent times. Still, a very good film.

I have realised recently that I really am terrible with birthdays. I always need reminding about when they are and I hate myself for that. My friends always remember mine, but I have difficulty remembering theirs. I am going to start compiling a list of friends and their birthdays so I can finally force myself to start getting better with such an important date in the lives of all my friends.

Coming up... last week of work for the year. Then finish preps for holiday.

Simple when I put it just like that.

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