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Slaying the Manxam foe

I started writing an entry on August 26, but never finished it. It was mainly some points of things I wanted to mention at the time. Here are those points, with a small comment in brackets to explain briefly. Survivor (it was cool and I'll likely do a final project on 'reality TV issues'); horror (umm... I'm currently writing an essay about sound in horror... not sure what I wanted to mention though); Roosters area (this was the first time I've lived in an area where the local team is in the league Grand Final. It was cool to watch all the shops and everyone getting excited - pity they lost); alarms at uni (I set off an alarm last Saturday in my building... again, not sure what my story was); sister almost here (she is now! yay!); blue? (I kept thinking I had something cool to write that had something to do with the word blue - but it is gone now)

Today is Saturday. I have two essays to write, two case studies to write, and a project proposal to complete. Fun, fun, fun. Monday I start my NBC job. It is now pretty damn exciting. Got the nervous tingles every time I think about it.

Speaking of nervous tingles, I saw "The Virgin Suicides" last week. I found it to be the best movie I've seen all year. It was simply amazing. I had tingles throughout the film. It isn't for everyone, but if you grasp the vibe of the film from the start (just think about the Air track "Playground Love" from the soundtrack - that encapsulates the film brilliantly) you will find it incredible.

Every now and then I am reminded of the fact it is the Year of the Dragon. It is my year. My sister's last stop was China, and she brought me back some cool dragon stuff. She also pointed out it is the Year of the Golden Dragon. While the Dragon is always a year of change, the Golden Dragon means it is positive change, change to something better.

This has certainly been that kind of year for me.

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