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Back in 'the zone'

Six weeks and I can graduate. Those simple words are in fact an amazing driving force that help me to get back on target and back to the grind of uni. It will also not take long to be reminded of how much I enjoy the things I'm studying. I give it... three days.

Of course, my graduation ceremony will be unlikely to take place until 2003. At the moment it seems quite likely I am going to defer my honours and go get some 'real world' action for a year. Once I am in honours, my graduation is delayed until that is done. So while I'll technically be allowed to have those letters BA (Media) after my name, they wont be official for another two and a bit years. I've waited a long time... I can wait a little longer...

I thought in the light of my last writings I should be a little more positive about my experience at the Games - and the side of that is sad for most of you. I got to see a lot of EVERY sport that was on at the Games. And some of the most incredible moments were in the sports that do not get TV airtime. They are classified as "C" and "D" sports, based on perceived viewer interest.

How many people know about one of the greatest ever upsets in the history of the Games? Oh, that was only in Greco-Roman Wrestling. It likely didn't get much of a showing. Or the incredibly emotional team epee fencing final, where the Italians and the French fought like it was genuinely for their lives. Or the table tennis finals. Or the handball. All of these amazing moments, lost to the wider audience. I don't intend to belittle the wonder of Cathy winning Gold, or our team in the swimming pool. But there was some magic and history out there that escaped the notice of Channel Seven. I loved almost every minute of sport I watched, much of which was sport I had never conceived of watching before. Nuff said.

In my post-Olympic shopping frenzy I bought some cool things too. The best of which? I bought a DVD player. Yay for DVDs.

So at this juncture life is good. I am happily involved, I am looking forward to the future, I am ready to do some good work (like the good mature age student that I am).

I am inspired.

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