"Let there be more memoirs... and there were..."

Hard to believe I have almost been home a month. But when I think of everything that has happened in that time, it seems like it has been longer...

I must keep this initial "return entry" entry short, and simply state what I intend to do to catch y'all up on the void of time since Christmas Eve. So here goes with that.

I kept a summary/journal of my travels, and will begin transcribing the events of the seven weeks in Europe as soon as is practicable - likely in about a week, maybe two. This will probably be done in seven weekly installments, keeping you hanging for the next in the exciting adventures.

There will be more stuff too, but not mentioning anything as I'd hate to break promises.

In the last almost four weeks there has been the absolute gammut of experiences. A wedding. A funeral. A petty ex-gf. Hard work. Easy work. Good and bad. Again, I'll vent my spleen a little more at earliest convenience.

Enjoy life til then,

RIP Mat. I'm workin' it, Matty, I'm workin' it...

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