Almost done for Session One

While things have been much slower than anticipated on the completion of uni stuff front, the fact remains that come Monday afternoon I have completed all the work needed for the first half of this year. I'm looking forward to that moment in an indescribable way. This weekend in some ways fills me with dread as I strive to complete the Howard Project to a level that makes me want to show it off to the world. I'll see how things pan out...

Just got home from seeing "Nashville" at the Chauvel. A very interesting movie indeed. And having not been in a while, I was reminded of just how much I dig the Chauvel. Such a cool place serving such a cool role in Sydney culture. Yay for them!

Caught up with my Ma this evening for dinner. That was cool. We are both running around being such busy people at the moment, but still get to find some time to meet up now and then. Tonight it was that Ma was over Eastern Suburbs way for a meeting this afternoon. Being the only two of the family in the country at the moment breeds a level of solidarity. Looking forward to my sister getting home end of August. Tis very exciting! My sister is the coolest.

We have had server issues here at home for the first time. Quite annoying really. Until Dave's Linux server issues are fixed I can't get online unless I reconfigure my computer a bit - which hardly seems worth the effort as Dave should be home sometime in the next hour or so. So in the meantime I'm here, writing this entry.

Nothing else to write now. I think I'll go watch a video - got a few from Dr. What yesterday. "Miller's Crossing", "All About Eve" and "Silent Running". Think "All About Eve" is a winner for tonight. Did I mention how awesome "The Apartment" was? Well it is! That being the 1959 classic with Jack Lemmon and Shirley Maclane (sp?). Truly wonderful movie!

Oh! Almost forgot! Anyone who reads this and is a Sydney type person, feel free to come along to a party at my place next Saturday - July 1st. The themes are "Money & Canada" and the details are here. The invitation extends to 'friends of people I know', so feel free to bring along people you think would have a good time.

Hope to see you there!

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