A long drum roll begins...

On so many levels, and in so many ways, I have a drum roll playing in my head as I wait for the results to come in for a variety of things that have happened recently. Most of it can remain a little secret for the next little while until things actually resolve... if I have to wait then so do y'all!

Friday saw my last day of Contact work for a month, but also saw me pick up some work over this time editing some promotional videos for the Union from the footage of bands and events I have shot in the last year. Cool timing, even more cool experience type stuff, and should be cool money. Woohoo for all that!

Yesterday I did much running around the city trying to find some books on 'film sound' theory. No joy there. Also haven't been able to find a copy of Altman's "Nashville" which I have been told is appropriate to the essay I am writing. Quite annoying, but I'll just have to grin and bear it. Tomorrow is another day - that happens to have my essay due!

Just popped down the shop for snacks... gotta love the midnight Woolies Metro!

Met up with friends last night for dinner and drinks. Giles is out here from London for a week, so that was a nice little catch up thing. General fun night of drinks led to upcoming party planning. July 1st. More details later.

Today was a lot less productive than I had planned. For a start, I missed the early morning soccer viewing. Bad effort on myt part. Very untidy. Then I didn't get up until about 11am. Then I didn't do certain things I had planned to. Then I bummed around a bit, had a shower, and then Matt turned up. Then Matt spontaneously cooked lunch and there was a nice social cooking and eating experience. Then it was almost 4.30 once Matt left. Then more stuff came up which seemed to prolong my procrastination until here I am at midnight with very little done.

Thankfully, I had done a bit of work already this weekend. I will have the essay completed, I just have a big day ahead of me, which I would have preferred to have been a nice simple 'edit and hand in' day. But how surprised can I be? Really?

I'm going now. I've got work to do... back when the essay is done...

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