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A busy and interesting week thus far. Handed in a couple of essays, which I was quite happy with in the end. First time in a long time I have over run the word limit and decided to live with it, because there was too much to say. Hopefully they don't get too nasty on me for it! Media have been known to just stop reading when they reach the word limit - to force us into good writing practice for the real world. One essay left, and my major project which I don't want to think about until the audio stuff arrives.

Feeling good about most stuff this week, with the slight downturn in mood behind me now - and hopefully for a while.

We had a very bizarre incident at work happening all day today. Never before has something like it happened while I have been there, but there was what sounded like a huge rat running around in the roof! It was scurrying around, making a horrible noise and constantly seeming as though it was at any time going to fall through those flimsy roof tile things. From a good 15 feet up, I kept freaking out that it was going to happen while it was over my office.

Tomorrow is my last day of work for the session. I now have a four week break from uni and work to do all sorts of constructive stuff. I have to make it constructive and fun so I don't think about the fact I would be getting onto a plane this weekend if my plans had stayed intact. Even just writing that makes me a bit sad to be missing out! But with some web work, some video work, a short film comp, Olympic stuff finalising and lots, lots more - how could I feel sad?

I have been such a legend this end of session. There have been so many things I could be doing to procrastinate, but have managed to keep myself on target. Sorted!

While on that note, I have been in cool British sayings mode all day. They have some very cool ways of saying things. Fidelma brought 'hatstand' to light today. As in "he is absolutely hatstand!", meaning crazy or mental. Very cool. My acquisition from the last trip over to England was 'pants'. Pants = Bad; Big Pants = Really Bad. Love it!

Our house has been nicely renetworked today thanks to the ground swell of geek action living here now. While I was at work, an Intranet was set up which now serves out a shared dial-up connection between the three computers. I am going to write a new funky Flash page for the Intranet homepage for totally gratuitous reasons. All that and more after next week.

I'm spent! Hope nothing in your life is pants...

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