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Idle Speculations

A relatively average weekend

All in all, quite an unproductive weekend. Very displeased with myself for that effort.

Some planning has been done in a project management sense. I now know exactly how little time I have available for getting my work done prior to the Olympics. Once again, I am thankful I'm enjoying what I study - it really makes getting the work done on time a lot easier. And when you get to write on things such as stand-up comedy, horror and gangsta films things don't seem so bad. It is the application of stuff like Freud's masochistic theories to such work that starts to make it difficult.

I'm really getting down about hassles with the Howard thing. I don't know how long that has been mentioned here now. I finished the damn thing months ago. But the little nuisance things that happen when tweaking it really shit me. It WILL be done pre-NBC work. It MUST be done pre-NBC work.

One thing I realised this weekend is that I never tire of the SupaCenta at Moore Park. The wonder of immersing oneself in housewares and big department stores of technology is just wonderful. I want a new house - and lots of money to furnish it from scratch! Oh the joy that would bring! For now, I'll settle for planning on getting a new bookcase after the Olympics.

Must do some clothes shopping before NBC stuff too! I want to get a jacket. And I want another jumper or two. And I want my Nike shoes back (they're away getting 'fixed' by Nike). And new sunnies. And I want...

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