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Idle Speculations

All net, all the time

Our second phone line went in today. Super. We're now live online, 24/7.

Just got home from "American Psycho". Great film. Great adaption of the book (I can say that now I've finished it - I finished it about 30 minutes before I watched the movie!). It is also a LOT less graphic than the book, so have no fear seeing it. I really think it is only borderline R (more related to sex scenes than violence).

Had some turd at the box office assert his authority. I was buying a ticket for a friend who was running late. This guy wouldn't sell me the ticket because it was R rated and he needed to see the person or their ID. Do I look like someone hanging out with 17 year olds? I don't think so! What should that guy care anyway? He looked about 15 and on minimum wage... still. If it gave him a few moments of joy, good for him.

Off to the unibar now. beXta action in the big room.

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