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Foundation Day 2000: A day of... many things...

Today was Foundation Day. A day when UNSW celebrates its birthday by forming teams, stealing things from around the place in the name of a 'Scavenger Hunt' and doing 'stunts' for points - all for the glory of the Foundation Day Cup.

You may have heard about one of the stunts earlier in the week? The garden gnomes on Martin Place? That was for today... a good prank that too! Good TV coverage. The points for stunts are based on such things as media coverage, police intervention and ministerial condemnation. Gotta love undergraduate entertainment.

I have in the past been sometimes heavily involved with teams made for this day. Today I hardly even paid attention to the quite large festivities, even though it was all right outside my office window. For me, that was further evidence of my continually growing distance from caring about things that could be detrimental to my studies. I was pleased.

Not that I don't have fun! Oh No! I have fun! Just not THAT brand of fun™ anymore. I've also not been to the bar on a Thursday night yet this session. Perhaps that is not just a sign of me being better... rather, a sign of me becoming a true mature age student? Oh dear...

I'm reading "American Psycho" before the movie comes out next week. My friends I'll be seeing it with have both read it and it would be pretty hard to chat about it with them afterwards without having read it. Very interesting book. Very funny! Haven't got up to seriously crazy stuff yet though. He's just started hinting at how psycho he is. Dig that style though. Anyhoo, I recommend it. I'll let you know if I change that recommendation.

Had some interesting in class discussions about black American gangsta films. Interesting stuff. I think I'll be writing my first essay on it - with relation to such films as "Idiot Box" and the poor, suburban Australian experience written in a similar framework. Should be interesting. Can you tell I'm becoming more of a film geek by the day? Earlier this evening I saw a few moments of JAG (channel flicking, I swear) and my first thought when I saw the shot was "gee, that would not stand up well to a feminist reading". I then had a good laugh at myself...

Must do a big data back up this weekend. Wonder if I will though.

Got my start/finish dates for NBC work last night. I start September 4 and finish October 2. Getting pretty exciting! Gotta do some prep work in Premiere though to make sure I'm happy with my competence in that. Far from a guru.

Work load is still giving me some headaches at the moment. I'm really hoping to hit a lot of the work that must be done this month in the next week or so. Gotta keep well on top of it all. Too much to lose this session.

And on such an up note, I think I'll leave you...


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