When a weekend feels just right :)

I have had the most nice, enjoyable, productive and interesting weekend. While it was entirely relaxing and rejuvenating, it was also full of the 'little things' that make for progression in life toward whatever it is we move toward.

Friday night I went to an "Underground Lovers" gig. Bumped into people I didn't expect to see their, and also met 'butterfly', an ICQ friend. That was a cool evening, and muchly improved my attitude toward meeting online people. Now with the impending meeting of the kini and jojo types, I actually look forward to it with much less concern for how things may go wrong with it all. Now it seems like a cool opportunity to make some new 'real' friends, rather than just having them forever exist in the 'virtual'. I give 'quotes' to all these as my studies won't let me use these terms without a nod to all the inherent issues & questions they raise... I'm becoming very la di da sometimes, I know...

In short - I am quite looking forward to meeting those guys =)

Saturday saw boofy blokey action at my place, with a barbeque and screening of last week's "Wrestlemania 2000". A lot of fun and merriment was had by all. Then later that evening I had my first actual chat session with kini, which was great. Further upped my interest in hanging with her and her ilk in the coming month. Then even later saw some fun and merriment with all the flatmates and some friends the likes of which has not taken place here - nothing sordid! Hope that can happen a little more often...

Sunday has been great. A big sleep in followed by amazing weather that inspired me to go to the beach to sit around a read for a while. Days like today make me love living in Coogee. Then returned home to do some study reading, followed by a visit from Matt which resulted in some chess being played, and "The Mummy" being watched. Pretty unimpressive film really, except for the effects. Doesn't help when Matt refuses to suspend his disbelief, despite many requests for him to do so.

Currently, my thoughts revolve around adding some organisation to my existence. I intend to organise my room a bit better this week, sorting out 'stuff' so that I can find 'stuff' when necessary. Also by implementing a 'this stuff belongs here' system, I can make life easier when it comes to remembering when things need doing. It will also help me get my Contact organisation flowing better, when general organisation is in my mind a lot. I hope my week is as productive as I currently intend it to be.

I hope for a lot of things from this week. We'll see where I end up soon enough.
Hope yours is equally intriguing...

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