Time, time, time... see what's become of me...

Look on the bright side. I could simply stop apologising for the sparseness of these updates and therefore not intend to update them any more often than i do now. i really do mean to do better... but enough grovelling for forgiveness, i don't even know if anyone is really listening...

Now for the quick recap. I won my own Oscars tipping comp! Not sure what effect that will have on people's faith in the competition for future years; I had a bunch of assignments due recently - and thank dog they are all now in the past... now for the marks to come back...; oh yeah, I had a birthday a week ago. I'm now 24. Not feeling too good about that one, yet. I like the age, but I'm not prepared for it.

Now for 'general business'. For the first time in my life, I am disgusted to the point of outrage with our federal government. Their sheer arrogance and paranoia is seriously damaging to our country. Truly sickening! <dismount high horse>

I've had some pretty good correspondence with some net friends lately, particularly the jojo. I find my relationships with purely online people interesting. they are quite few and far between, but the ones i have i really like. all up, there are probably about 3-4 people i keep regular contact with (whether by website, mail or ICQ). Kini, jojo and butterfly. i really dig you guys (used in the non-gender sense, of course).

my sister sent me the best ever birthday card. it is a "reservoir cats" card. mr. blacky, mr. tiddles, mr. ginger, mr. lucky, mr. tibby. totally awesome - and brings together the two loves of my life, cats and movies! yay! my sister is the best! cards bought in england are the best!

I haven't mentioned how much i like my degree course in a while. I have now.

I'm finally making some headway toward meeting with the guy that was 'Pauline Pantsdown' for an interview as part of my course. He may also be a valuable contact for my final project for this session. fingers crossed.

Life is good. It is keeping me interested, at the moment. A real page turner. I'll keep you posted as things come to hand. Until then, stay good!

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